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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to capture an image that will remember until old age. So, you recall the glorious moments anytime.

Behind the Lens

Behind the lens is not one person. There is a team of experts based in Moncton, New Brunswick. We're high school friends and now business partners who run this astonishing photo and video studio together. We are working together in by combining different skill sets. Everyone in our family loves what they do. We started photography with film camera 7 years ago, when we urgently need to take pictures for our school picnic. We only had one camera and after the first click, our whole life took different roots. We started with 3 friends and now we are professionals with incredible skills.

By nature our team is energetic, patient and full of love. Everyone in Picography gang, is feeler and very passionate about the work we do.

Why Choose Us?

light composure
Light is a dynamic element that you have at your disposal when capturing a photograph.
Professional skills
You better ensure the individual behind the camera is a professional.
Perfect Equipment
Capturing a perfect moment is only possible if professional have high-end equipment.
ultra hd
4K Photo and video is a form of burst shooting that makes a huge difference in photography.
unic vision
Our vision is to capture the precious moment Because when an occasion is precious, you've only got one shot.
focusing knowledges
Our team has deep expertise in different elements of shoots. we commit to delivering the focus attention to your project.

Contact us

We couldn't imagine anything better than to visit with you by telephone or in-person and discuss your wedding, occasion, portrait session, or video project. Please reach out to us through the Contact Page.
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